Northwest Arkansas is a great and special place

I moved to the Ozarks eighteen years ago and moved all over the place until our family finally settled in Fayetteville and Kingston  areas.  We have found that Northwest Arkansas is in many ways has the good qualities of California where we left. And lots of things that we didn’t find were high taxes, lots of regulations, and people wherever you went.

We appreciate this are very much because even though it is growing very fast–there is a small town atmosphere of friendliness and warmth and cooperation.

I know that Arkansas might have a reputation of being backwards–but Northwest Arkansas has a lot going for it compared to most other towns in Arkansas. Fayetteville and Eureka Springs are two very unque towns made up of people of all kinds of backgrounds.

And it is soooooo green here! So many trees, lakes, ponds, rivers and beautiful trails.

We need community minded people to move here–you would find lots of folks interested in a well organized community.


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Access is easy

A lot of times when you live in the country you have the problem of  bad roads and a long driveway that needs a lot of work. (we have that problem.) But not this place. When you get off the major freeway, I-540, you soon get on a very good road. When you go off that road, you wind up a still paved road for two miles. The two mile gravel road to the property is usually well maintained by the county. The driveway is short and flat–so you can get out in times of bad weather. You are nicely off the road, but not to far.  The road is not very busy at all, and it is very quiet and peaceful.

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Housing potentially for four families, a couple and two singles (or more)

As a person who has been researching and in various ways experiencing community for the past 35 years, I know that lack of housing and a community center is the biggest obstacle to getting community going. This place has immediate potential for two families and two singles, and with some work, could double that. If you are considering having a retreat center or training facility, then you are ready to go immediately.

Whether you have a group of people ready to move, or you are an individual or a family–the site is ready to go to help your dreams of community come true. I can see two spaces for families with children, a medium space for a couple, and two smaller rooms for singles. Two spots for tents or trailers could house two more families if necessary. This is amazing! Here is some details.

1. Housing: The large spacious house has so many different sections that a number of families could live together easily.

Upstairs could be like an apartment since it has a bathroom. There is one large spacious room. The two attic rooms are hard to walk around–but in a pinch could serve as  bedrooms, especially for children. The stairs go straight from the front door so it has easy access.

The downstairs master bedroom is huge with a large walk in closet that could be a small bedroom in itself–I think a twin bed or at very least a few cots could fit there. There is a door going to the outside.

That leaves the living room with fire place to be a small public area. Ideally, I think the master bedroom would be a community room because it is large and square and you could have a large circle. Perhaps the people who live there could leave it rather clear so there could be meetings.

There is an bright office that could fit 3 desks and serve as a group working space. The kitchen space is rather small, but allows for a very large table in the dining room adjoining it.  This sunny room would be ideal for setting up even a number of round tables for dining (round tables are more conducive to conversation and community)

There is a small room that could be a bedroom for a single person–or even a dormitory.

There is another small room that could be used for meditation or study room–or a bedroom.


There is a huge work room that could be developed into a quite spacious house–it could actually be the community room with some remodeling. I could see a kitchen being built there and meeting space.

A huge garage could serve as plenty of storage. it doesn’t have a door, so if things needed to be secure it would need some work.

Another storage area could be converted into living quarters or used as storage.

The concrete slab where a roof collapsed could be used to put a small trailer or a large tent.

The concrete slab which was made to have a travel trailer, can easily be hooked up to utilities.

There is even a concrete slab outside the house that could be used for a tent or an addition built onto-or trailer.

Lots of shady, flat places for people to camp or place RVs or put up temporary shelter.

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Land Use in Washington County

This property is located in Washington County in Northwest Arkansas. Generally in the rural areas this far away from towns, there are few restrictions especially compared to other places I’ve been. I have visited communities all over the country, and it seems like one of the biggest challenges is the land use permits that are needed to sub divide, to build alternative homes, even to have an out house.

I am doing research to find out what the situation is in this area.

Here is a link to some land use regulations. This is the most current one I could find.

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How I learned about this land

I was working with children along with my daughter to help them learn communication skills while their parents were taking a communication class with Lillian Bern.  One of the mothers, Maria, asked me if I would help her clear out her house which she needed to sell. I used my organizing skills to the max to do this job which was big and challenging–but with the help of my family, we got it done.

When I learned that the house really needed to be sold soon or it would go into foreclosure, I could not stand the thought of this beautiful land being owned by the bank. And, I really wanted Maria to get the money she deserved after having some major challenges with her now ex-husband. As sad as it is that she needs to sell this land where her children were raised, it would be sadder still if the bank reaped the profits and not Maria.

I spent many days doing the organizing job. I got to know the house, the outbuildings, and the land immediately surrounding the house quite intimately. It was quiet, peaceful and so beautiful to look out over a lovely vista. I wish I could have walked the land–I had no idea there is 45 acres of forest.

I really hope that some great people will buy this property and make a thriving community out of it. You could easily make a co-housing development since it is only 1/2 hour from downtown Fayetteville, and 15 or 10 minutes to I-540 (depending on whether you go to Winslow or West Fork). I think this would make a great retreat center or sustainable skills training center. I will be writing about all my ideas in the next few days–but for now I hope you get the picture.

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Amazing, versatile, fertile land for sale: 64 acres,house and more for $139,000

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Address: 16522 Carpenter Rd, Winslow, AR, 72959

Located 1/2 hour from down town Fayetteville,Northwest Arkansas in  and 15 minutes from I-540  near Winslow and Westfork, this 63 acres of land plus house, out buildings, storm shelter, and best well on the mountain  is an amazing buy at $139,000. It also has over ten acres of flat fenced pasture land, ten more acres which is flat near the house; 40 acres of forest, two ponds, and natural air conditioning supplied by a nice breeze during hot weather. If you are looking for a place to create community, start an organic farm, build a self-reliant homestead, or have a training facility or retreat center–this is the land for you.  Not only is it very beautiful, but practical as well. Please contact me ASAP because I think this land is going to go fast! Patricia Mikkelson 479-313-0414

Beautiful view

The house sets on the highest site of the property overlooking the valley of West Fork, with a breath-taking view. The acreage includes 40 acres of forest; ~10 acres of pasture which already has a very well built fence for cattle and a perennial pond located inside of the fence line, and ~10 acres of fairly flat ground where the house is located.

Fantastic water sources and good septic system

The house has rural water. There is also a well with a functional water pump in it and which is the best on the mountain. The house can be completely independent of the rural water system. .

There is another pond located near the house, which was built over a very good spring. There are several springs located within the property which are running during most of the year. The two ponds located within the property are constantly filled with water and have fish in them.

Agricultural land

The ground is very fertile for gardening and farming. There has been a garden near the house. There is about 12 acres of cleared fenced in pasture land.


45 acres of forest with a variety of trees and wild life.

Spacious, well equipped outbuildings with great potential for work, living quarters, and raising  chickens.

There is a concrete pad that is located behind the well house, this concrete pad was once used to hosts a travel trailer. There is electricity available to the site. There is also a storm seller and a storage building next to the concrete pad. There are two outbuildings near the house. They are very well built and with plenty of space for any kind of activity or shop. They have electricity. The main outbuilding, which is the biggest one had electricity, water, restroom, a gas heater, and ventilation fan on the ceiling. There is also a good size chicken house for family use.

Wind Energy that creates cool weather in summer with potential for income and power.

Due to the altitude of the property, there is almost always a fresh wind flowing, and since the house has plenty of windows, and it is facing to the North, the temperatures are quite pleasant during the Summer time, to the point that there is no need for the use of air conditioning units. The temperatures range around 5 degrees lower than in the Fayetteville and West Fork areas all the time. Due to the almost constant flow of wind, there is the great possibility of using a wind mill to provide electricity to the property, hence becoming independent from the rural electric system and also it could generate enough electricity to sell back to the electric company and make an ongoing profit from it.

Fire place and gas heaters

The house has two gas heaters, and a propane gas tank which is full at the present time. The heaters, together with the fire place, make it easy to maintain the house warm during the winter. There is also plenty of wood for the fireplace in the property, especially since the last ice storm.

Completely fenced

The complete property is surrounded by a fence line of barb wire.

Food Sources

Wild life is very abundant in the property, including deer, squirrel, opossum, fox, raccoon, and birds of many kinds, occasional black bears, and other local animal. The ponds have fish in them. There is a garden spot near the house and about 12 acres of fenced pasture land that would be great for farming or grazing animals.

A well built, spacious house with lots of potential

The house was built in the 80’s and it has a lot of nice wood work on entrance and the ceilings of most of the house. There are two full bathrooms, and one half bathroom. One master bedroom with walk-in closet, two additional room downstairs, and one big bedroom up stairs on the loft, with a  big window overlooking the back yard.  The house has metal roofing and vinyl siding which are a few years old and in excellent condition. The kitchen is rather small but has lots of cabinet space  with a good size refrigerator and electric stove. The adjoining dining room could be adapted to easily enlarge the kitchen. THere is a spacious living room with fire place, an extra large laundry room. There is plenty of storage space in the two attics and the upstairs closets, and other closets in the main restroom, bedrooms, and under the stairs.

The house has two big electric water heaters which were installed less than one year ago, and are in excellent condition.

The house needs  minor cosmetic repairs inside,  but it is very comfortable,  functional and ready to live in. It would be ideal for handy people who enjoy doing small repairs. Some flooring work needs to be done in some of the rooms where the old carpet has been removed. Most of the floor is concrete and tile, except for the upstairs floor which is wood.

Great for kids and socializing

There is a very nice size sand pile behind the house which is a wonderful treat for children. There is a concrete pad attached to one side of the back of the house that was going to be an additional room, but it can also be used as a patio for a grill or a trampoline, or anything else enjoyable. Several of the trees surrounding the house are perfect for hanging swings for the children. There are mature as well as young trees surrounding the house.

Road throughout the property

You can drive all over the property including through the forested area because there were logging roads built back in the day.

And to top it off–a root cellar/ storm cellar.

I knowafter these great features, it is hard to believe that in the event of a tornado or bad storm–you can find a safe place–and you can store all all the great food your grow:)

An efficient septic system

The house has a very well designed septic system consisting of two different underground tanks that are connected which makes the system more efficient.
Come take a look!

 This is some of the most beautiful as well as practical land I have seen–and I have visited many communities and country places in my life time. Please call or email  me if you are interested.



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