I hope that the land will sell to the right people

I really hope that in NW Arkansas we can have a rural learning center and community.  Someone is very interested in buying this land for this purpose, and I pray that he will have the means to buy the land and ability to organize it into a wonderful place. Perhaps I will help. That would be a miracle if I could get a job helping create community. This is a job I have always dreamed about. I want to do that on our land near Kingston, but I can help with other communities as well.

I hope to give you some good news in the near future that this land has sold. And, I hope that I will be able to give you good news that in some way you can be involved in this if you want to be.

With times the way they are, this might be a haven for people who need to get out of the city, and a training place to teach people how to grow food in green houses as well as many other things.

It is my dream that I can locate other properties that would be great for community as well as reasonably priced. I am getting ready to promote Bob Jordan’s property on Hill St. in Fayetteville.

I want to get my hopes up about this potential buyer–that he will buy the land very soon.


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