More people are looking–so come look and make a decision:)

Wow! This is exciting. There is at least one person who is very serious about looking into buying the land. He had someone look at the land for him, since he lives out of town–and so far he thinks it could be the right place for a vision similar to what I have presented. He will be looking at the land soon. The owner is excited to hear that maybe this land could be sold to someone who might use it for a learning center,  community, retreat, greenhouses and more.

Someone else went to look but thought it was too far away–but she thought it was a great place and she’ll be spreading the word. Another person called today and seemed serious. I have been sending out messages to people via my newsletter. Gladys Tiffany, president of Omni Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology sent out my newsletter to a very large mailing list. I’ve told people like April Ambrose who is a major networker in the sustainable field. I was hoping that this might go viral–and I am seeing a lot of activity.

It is very fulfilling for me to spread the word about this beautiful land. Really, I don’t want this land to be sold–I want someone to steward this land for purposes that are for the betterment of man kind. Yes, they will exchange money for the land–but they will treat this land with love and respect, and invite people to join them in doing same. Of course, included in this is helping people treat each other with love and respect as well.

I am getting excited about locating other land that I can share with people so that their dreams of community can come true. I am getting ready to promote a place on Hill Street in Fayetteville that is 5 bedroom, two bath on 1.2 acres in a quiet neighborhood with lots of parking. With a lot of TLC, this house would be an ideal city cooperative. Bob Jordan owns it and shares my vision that this could be a community place.


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