Northwest Arkansas is a great and special place

I moved to the Ozarks eighteen years ago and moved all over the place until our family finally settled in Fayetteville and Kingston  areas.  We have found that Northwest Arkansas is in many ways has the good qualities of California where we left. And lots of things that we didn’t find were high taxes, lots of regulations, and people wherever you went.

We appreciate this are very much because even though it is growing very fast–there is a small town atmosphere of friendliness and warmth and cooperation.

I know that Arkansas might have a reputation of being backwards–but Northwest Arkansas has a lot going for it compared to most other towns in Arkansas. Fayetteville and Eureka Springs are two very unque towns made up of people of all kinds of backgrounds.

And it is soooooo green here! So many trees, lakes, ponds, rivers and beautiful trails.

We need community minded people to move here–you would find lots of folks interested in a well organized community.


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