Housing potentially for four families, a couple and two singles (or more)

As a person who has been researching and in various ways experiencing community for the past 35 years, I know that lack of housing and a community center is the biggest obstacle to getting community going. This place has immediate potential for two families and two singles, and with some work, could double that. If you are considering having a retreat center or training facility, then you are ready to go immediately.

Whether you have a group of people ready to move, or you are an individual or a family–the site is ready to go to help your dreams of community come true. I can see two spaces for families with children, a medium space for a couple, and two smaller rooms for singles. Two spots for tents or trailers could house two more families if necessary. This is amazing! Here is some details.

1. Housing: The large spacious house has so many different sections that a number of families could live together easily.

Upstairs could be like an apartment since it has a bathroom. There is one large spacious room. The two attic rooms are hard to walk around–but in a pinch could serve as  bedrooms, especially for children. The stairs go straight from the front door so it has easy access.

The downstairs master bedroom is huge with a large walk in closet that could be a small bedroom in itself–I think a twin bed or at very least a few cots could fit there. There is a door going to the outside.

That leaves the living room with fire place to be a small public area. Ideally, I think the master bedroom would be a community room because it is large and square and you could have a large circle. Perhaps the people who live there could leave it rather clear so there could be meetings.

There is an bright office that could fit 3 desks and serve as a group working space. The kitchen space is rather small, but allows for a very large table in the dining room adjoining it.  This sunny room would be ideal for setting up even a number of round tables for dining (round tables are more conducive to conversation and community)

There is a small room that could be a bedroom for a single person–or even a dormitory.

There is another small room that could be used for meditation or study room–or a bedroom.


There is a huge work room that could be developed into a quite spacious house–it could actually be the community room with some remodeling. I could see a kitchen being built there and meeting space.

A huge garage could serve as plenty of storage. it doesn’t have a door, so if things needed to be secure it would need some work.

Another storage area could be converted into living quarters or used as storage.

The concrete slab where a roof collapsed could be used to put a small trailer or a large tent.

The concrete slab which was made to have a travel trailer, can easily be hooked up to utilities.

There is even a concrete slab outside the house that could be used for a tent or an addition built onto-or trailer.

Lots of shady, flat places for people to camp or place RVs or put up temporary shelter.


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